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All Rhode Island businesses are welcome to join the RI Business Leadership Network (RIBLN).
Member companies demonstrate support in the belief for the benefits of hiring a diverse workforce through the hiring and retention of people with disabilities.

Do you employ people or provide a service or product in Rhode Island?
Would you like to increase your customer base?
Would you like to recruit qualified employees?

The RI Business Leadership Network is a network of companies that have answered "Yes" to these questions. Together, we are seeking more effective ways to tap into the talent of people with disabilities in our communities and enhance our business practices.

Do you want to:

  • Connect to a source of information that will strengthen your business?
  • Increase your knowledge of best employment practices for people with disabilities?  Including information on tax & hiring incentives, recruitment, hiring and retention strategies, community agencies and other resources.
  • Enjoy effective networking opportunities with other proactive employers?
  • Get recognition for leadership in workforce development initiatives that include people with disabilities?
  • Improve customer service and market penetration to people with disabilities?

Membership Benefits:

  • Improve Your Outreach Recruiting Efforts
  • Have your company recognized as "disability-friendly" by being listed in the Members section of this Website.
  • Have Critical Information at your Fingertips
  • Have access to our Website for news, events and resources that can assist your effectiveness at employing people with disabilities.
  • Receive ongoing Email notices as new developments arise.
  • Exchange ideas and information with your peers – attend our training series.

Strengthen Your Network…Increase Your Knowledge

  • Position your company within our Network and learn from the best practices of other Members, find answers to your questions and concerns, share your own insights and        experiences.

Cost:   Membership is free!

The RIBLN continues to offer a network of services, information and educational workshops to RI companies both large and small.  If you would like to become an Affiliate Member of the RIBLN and be notified of upcoming events and seminars.   click here to join today! 

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events.